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NATIONAL CHECK AND CURRENCY (NCC) solves problems associated with bank discontinuance that has plagued the financial services industry since 9/11.

NCC manages a portfolio of nine MSB friendly institutions, accustomed to working with Check Cashers, Money Transmitters and Currency Exchange dealers worldwide. We provide solutions to MSBs, both foreign and domestic.
No longer are MSBs held hostage by a bank’s excessive administration fees or long term, fixed, collateral requirements.

NCC aids our clients in establishing a segregated account, titled in the client’s corporate name, at one or more of our partner institutions.

NCC is re-inventing the Money Service Business through the use of technology, by providing our clients mechanisms for more expedient, compliant, and efficient transactions, thus reducing overhead and check processing costs while increasing rotation of capital, allowing greater control, and increasing profitably.

Call NCC today at (877) 327-4249 or TeraCorp at (800) 628-9471 for more information.

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