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TeraCash AVX

Price:   $1,099.00   
TeraCash AVX Standalone Check Cashing Software

TeraCash AVX is your premium solution for your check cashing needs! Features include, QuickBooks import functionality, native biometrics support, new online & offline help files, Tip-Of-The-Day for quick tips and tricks on using your system, speed enhancements, new performance charts & graphs, and much more!

What's the difference between TeraCash AVX and TeraCash Lite?

  • Easy Navigation for Rapid Transaction Creation
  • Multi-Lingual (English, Spanish)
  • Customer Tracking
  • History Logging
  • Search by Customer/Bank/Company
  • Automated Backup
  • MICR Check scanning and MAG stripe reading
  • Per-user security with individual user drawer support
  • Custom fees for multiple transaction types (Regular, Government, etc.) using either fees or percentages
  • Advanced algorithm to determine fraudulent check probability
  • Full screen and free-style data entry modes
  • Quicken© and QuickBooks© Integration
  • Image Storage of Returned Checks
  • Multiple Company Check Prevention
  • Native Biometrics Integration
  • Automatic AND manual bad check entry
  • 3" Receipt Printing / 8.5 x 11 Reporting
  • External Image Scanning
  • Corporate Check Cashing Support
  • CheckGuard Service ready (optional)
  • Network Capable (optional)
  • Picture Recognition Module (optional)
  • Biometric Fingerprint Recognition
  • Check 21 and EFT Integration!
  • CTR, SAR and IRS Reports!
  • Fuly integrated help file!
  • Includes ABA bank data
  • Fingerprint Login to TeraCash
  • On-Scree Tips of The Day
  • Multi-Purpose Deposit Slip Printing
  • Charts and Graphs to Measure Business Performance